Stallet Folk & Världmusik

15 March 2018
20h00 Opening Concert with Luísa Sobral

Klarabiografen (Kulturhuset)

16 March 2018
Fleurette (Sérgio Tréfaut)
19h00 Who is Bárbara Virgínia? (Luísa Sequeira)
Interview with Luísa Sequeira (by Sabrina D. Marques)

17 March 2018
Colo (Teresa Villaverde)
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13h45 Ama-San (Cláudia Varejão)
16h15 That's love (João Canijo)
19h00 The Community, Encounters with Landscape (3x)Coup de Grâce (Salomé Lamas)
Director in Focus: Salomé Lamas (interview by Sabrina D. Marques)

18 March 2018
11h00 Frames Kids
13h00 Competitive Section I
15h00 Competitive Section II
17h00 Competitive Section III
19h00 Paula Rego, Secrets & Stories (Nick Willing)
Interview with Nick Willing (by Sabrina D. Marques)

All films are subtitled in English (or otherwise English spoken)

Individual screening tickets will sell from 1 March.