Valérie Mitteaux

Former journalist born in Epinal, Valérie Mitteaux created Caravan Films in 2003, with Anna Pitoun, a collective multidisciplinary association. They achieved together several feature films, Caravan 55Kings of the World. More recently she made alone the documentary Girl or boy, my sex is not my gender, co-produced by Arte and released in October 2011 in France and Germany. She made in 2014 The Kiss of Marseille, a film about the coming-out French homophobia and Hens and big cars about the conditions of french gipsies in France. Dreamocracy, filmed in Portugal in collaboration with Raquel Freire, about social movements there, was released in 2015. She is finishing 8, Lenin avenue, a feature documentary about 13 years of a romanian gipsy family in France. In parallel, she is developing two other projects, one on the concept of female "sub-mission", and another with journalist Myriam Guillemaud-Silenko on the first prostitute trade-union in the world, in Argentina.