The first edition of Frames - Portuguese Film Festival took place in Stockholm in November 2013. This initiative originated from the efforts of Ung FAPS, the association of young Portuguese people in Stockholm, wishing the festival could become a significant cultural gathering platform for the Portuguese community in Sweden. The festival seeks to promote the most recent, original and creative content within the Portuguese cinematographic panorama, as well as introduce new and talented Portuguese filmmakers to the Swedish public. Cinema, the main focus of the event, is broadened by other cultural expressions, such as literature, debates and music events.

The second edition took place in Stockholm and Gothenburg in November 2014 under the theme Memory. "What is memory? What does the act of remembering entail? How do we relate to our past in individual and collective ways?”.

In February 2016, under the theme Roots, the festival spread for the first time to three different cities - Stockholm, Gothenburg and Västerås. This edition placed its focus on the concept of family and origins.

In February 2017, the theme was Social Tales, placing focus on issues such as social organization, inequality and discrimination. This edition also featured the very first Competitive Section of the festival.

In March 2018, Frames - Portuguese Film Festival had its fifth edition under the theme Frames On Women. This edition was all about bringing forward the complex problem of the representation of women in film and giving fair visibility to women through Portuguese cinema.

In March 2019, Frames Collective was the theme. The aim was to redefine the idea of group through cinema: narratives and aesthetics, ways of thinking and the concept of collectivism.