Musikens Hus

17 March 2018
20h00 Opening Concert with Luísa Sobral

Akademi Valand (Göteborg Universitet)

22 March 2018
18h00 Paula Rego, Secrets & Stories (Nick Willing)

23 March 2018
18h00 Colo (Teresa Villaverde)

24 March 2018
11h00 Frames Kids*
14h00 Best Short Film 2018 Competitive Section
14h30 Interview with a guest
17h00 Ama-San (Cláudia Varejão)

25 March 2018
15h00 Who is Bárbara Virgínia? (Luísa Sequeira)

*Frames Kids is held at União dos Portugueses em Gotemburgo
(Jättestensgatan 9)

All films are subtitled in English (or otherwise English spoken)