Frames Social Tales - 2017

The 4th edition of Frames placed focus on issues such as social organization, inequality and discrimination. This edition also featured the first Competitive Section of the festival.

Date: 16 - 24 February

Venues: Stallet and Klarabiografen (Stockholm); Capitol and Haga Bio (Gothenburg); Bio Elektra (Västeras)

Special Guests: Sérgio Godinho, Filipe Raposo, Ana David, Marco Martins, Raquel Freire, Valérie Mitteaux, António Valente, Patrick Sjöberg.




SÃO JORGE / SAINT GEORGE (Marco Martins, Fiction, 112min, 2016)

Jorge is an unemployed boxer on the verge of losing his son and his wife, who has decided to return to Brazil. As a means of paying off his debt and persuading his wife to remain in Portugal, Jorge accepts a job with a debt-collection agency, which will drag him into a world of violence and crime.


UM FIM DO MUNDO / THE END OF THE WORLD (Pedro Pinho, Fiction, 63min, 2013)

A portrait of the daily lives of young people living in a new-built estate on the outskirts of Lisbon, Um fim do mundo unspools its day-in- the-life observations in an incidental and unpredictable fashion with improvisations and open-ended storytelling creating authenticity.


FORA DA VIDA / ON THE SIDE (Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra, Documentary, 35min, 2011)

It's a possible portrait of Portugal in 2015. A time when, for some, it looks like we don’t have jobs and for others that there’s no more “free time” when we’re not working. Or is there?


CAMA DE GATO / CAT'S CRADDLE (Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra, Documentary/Fiction, 57min, 2012)

When we first met Joana she seemed a ceramic doll, small, fragile, with a ribbon on her head. Slowly she started to deconstruct herself, revealing a charming complexity. The duality between strength and fragility, freedom and imprisonment, joy and sadness... completely overwhelmed us. The intimacy and complicity raised between us allowed us to fictionalize about her life, and make this special, unclassifiable film.


BELA VISTA (Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra, Documentary/Fiction, 57min, 2012)

Lives being lived, words, gestures, gazes cross our paths, amidst a chaos en framed by a rectangular grid of windows and balconies. Rows of buildings interconnected by corridors perched over courtyards. Each ones property off their private slice of the view. The geometry of the life of a neighborhood: Bela Vista.


CAVALO DINHEIRO / HORSE MONEY (Pedro Costa, Fiction, 104min, 2014)

A mesmerizing odyssey into the real, imagined and nightmarish memories of old man Ventura, a Cape Verdean immigrant living in Lisbon. The time is now, a numbing and timeless present of hospital stays, bureaucratic questioning and wandering through remembered spaces…

DREAMOCRACY (Raquel Freire, Valérie Mitteaux, Documentary, 80min, 2015)

In recession-hit Portugal, Pedro and João – two young idealistic graduates seeking out a living – look to political activism for their energy and optimism. Buoyed by the success of a demonstration they organized to protest austerity measures, and which mobilized 500,000 people, they now want to convert this popular energy into real social change.

BALADA DE UM BATRÁQUIO / BATRACHIAN'S BALLAD (Leonor Teles, Documentary, 11min, 2016)

Like the Gypsies, the frogs, made of china, don't go unnoticed to a careful observer. "Batrachian's Ballad" comes about in a context of ambiguity. A film that immerses itself in the reality of Portuguese everyday life, as a form of fabling about a xenophobic behaviour.


LISBOETAS / LISBONERS (Sérgio Tréffaut, Documentary, 105min, 2014)

Lisboners celebrates the ancient notion of citizenship, the right to the city in the making, in each migrant's daily life, living and working. The Lisboners are people from Brazil, Guiné-Bissau, Nigeria, China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Moldavia, Russia and Estonia.