Grand Prize for Best Short Film - 2018

September (2016)


The jury has awarded September the Grand Prize for Best Short Film:

"With its premise from their strong mother-son relationship and return to a country from a distant past, 'September' does not only manage to observe the family ties in transition by a profound thoughtful cinematography, it’s also a demonstration of new stories represented by female narratives placing today’s modern Portuguese cinema in the world."

Country of origin: Bulgaria
Country of filming: Portugal
Length: 33 min


Special Mention

Making a Living in the Dry Season (2016)


The jury awards Making a Living in the Dry Season a Special Mention:

"As a progressive search of complicity and transcultural approximation, 'Making a Living in the Dry Season' constructs an intimate portrait of the context it is submerged in. The permanent communication between who is being filmed and who is filming results in an emotive homage to the habits and practices of the ancestral feminine. Within a framework shaped by universal values, the maternal role acquires a central importance in a precious film, truthfully dedicated to bring our attention closer to a reality that needs to be seen."

Country of origin: Portugal
Country of filming: Angola
Length: 35 min