Grand Prize for Best Short Film - 2017

Campo de Víboras (2016)

Cristèle Alves Meira

Grand Prize for Best Short Film

Grand Prize for Best Short Film

The jury has awarded Campo de Víboras the Grand Prize for Best Short Film:

"Filled with characters expressing their non-granted desires, and portraying a friendship which takes the shape of a non-conventional family, Campo de Víboras evokes a country of immigrants from the side of those who stayed. A powerful cinematic experience helmed by a strong-willed woman on-screen."

Country of origin: France
Country of filming: Portugal
Length: 20min

Special Mention

Metade Vai / Wrinkless (2016)


The jury gives Wrinkless a Special Mention:

"A tender and attentive anthropologically alike observation of work, Wrinkless reveals a community of affection lead by an all-female trio. A peek into society via a micro system which denounces the solitude of the elderly, their shockingly low retirement incomes, and a work system incapable of financially recognizing hand labor and caregiving."

Country of origin: Portugal
Country of filming: Portugal
Length: 44min