Who can submit a film?

Any filmmaker (professional or amateur) can submit a film as long as the film complies with the admission criteria.


What are the admission criteria?

  • The director or producer of the film is Portuguese, or the film was shot in Portugal;

  • The film should have at least three protagonists or depict, either in the foreground or background, a collective (group, community);

  • It has a maximum length of 45 minutes;

  • It has been produced between 2016 and 2018.


Is there a prize?

If your film wins the competitive section of the Festival, you will be invited to be part of the jury of Frames 2020 and the transportation (including airline fare) and accommodation will be on us.

The winning director/producer will also be awarded a monetary prize of 500 Euro.


Who is the jury?

The jury is composed of three members:

  • Leonor Noivo, winning director of last year's Grand Prize for Best Short Film;

  • An invited Portuguese actor/director;

  • A representative of the Swedish film industry.


What are the judging criteria that define which films will be part of the official selection?

Films will be judged on originality, creativity, plot, pacing, cinematography, production value, sound and how well they fit into the theme “Collective”. Where relevant, passing the Bechdel test is meritorious.


In what form can I submit my film?

All films should be submitted using the submission platforms and indicate a link and password for the jury to access the film. No hard copies are needed at this stage.


Should my film be subtitled?

Yes, all films must have English subtitles. These can be embedded in the film or sent as *.srt or *.sub files.


How long/short should my film be?

We accept short films with a maximum running time of 45 minutes.


What premiere status do you require?

Films should have been released no earlier than 2016.


Can I submit more than one film?

Absolutely. However you must fill in a separate form per film.


What is the entry fee?

You can submit your film for free until 23 November 2018 (early bird). The regular deadline is between 24 November -15 December, with an entry fee of 10 EUR (12 USD). An extended deadline is available until 6 January 2019, for a fee of 20 EUR (24 USD).


If I decide not to enter the competition, can I be refunded?

Unfortunately we do not issue refunds.


Still have questions?

Get in touch with André Spencer - andre.spencer@framesfestival.se