Frames Roots - 2016

The 3rd edition of Frames placed its focus on the concept of family and origins.

Date: 22 February - 6 March

Venues: Filmhuset, Stockholm; Capitol and Haga Bio, Gothenburg; Bio Elektra, Västeras

Special Guests: Luís Carmelo, João Tordo, Ricardo Trêpa, Margarida Leitão




MONTANHA / MOUNTAIN (João Salaviza, Drama, 90 min, 2015)

João Salaviza's latest film is a clear continuation of the universe that the 31-year old director previously explored in his award-winnning short films. Visually intense and poetic coming-of-age film where we see portrayed the fourteen year old David who, without realising, is becoming the man of the house while his grandfather lives his last days at the hospital. 

JOSÉ E PILAR / JOSÉ AND PILAR (Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, Documentary/Biography, 117 min, 2010)

The film shows their whirlwind life of international travel, his passion for completing his masterpiece 'The Elephant's Journey' and how their love sustains them throughout.

José and Pilar reveals the hidden Saramago, unravels any preconceived nothions about him, and proves that genius and simplicity are indeed compatible. It is a funny and touching portrait on the endurance of the artistic spirit. A glimpse into the life of one of the greatest creators of the 20th century shows us, as Saramago puts it, "There is always another way to say everything".

A NOSSA FORMA DE VIDA / THE WAY WE ARE (Pedro Filipe Marques, Documentary, 91 min, 2011)

A spectacular and yet portuguese-typical view of the World as seen from Armando and Maria's control tower, eight floors up from the Douro river. A comic and probing portrait of an old Portuguese couple whose private life has remained permeable to the modern World.


MÁ RAÇA / BAD BLOOD (André Santos, Marco Leão, Short/Drama, 19 min, 2013)

One must look into the tired eyes of those who hope one day to be able to communicate.

A portrait of the emptiness in a relationship between mother and daughter who live alone together with their nervous dog, the only masculine presence in the house.


Guilherme and Sofia, brother and sister, grow up sharing experiences and slowly discovering their sexuality. What Sofia is not aware of is how far Guilherme will go to keep her inside his own perverse, dark and perfect circle.

SANGUE DO MEU SANGUE / BLOOD OF MY BLOOD (João Canijo, Drama/Thriller, 131 min, 2011)

A mother's plan to lead her family out of the Lisbon slums is threatened by her daughter's affair with a married professor and her son's involvement in dealing drugs, paths that the siblings see as a better future for themselves.

O VELHO DO RESTELO / THE OLD MAN OF BELÉM (Manoel de Oliveira, Short/Fiction, 19 min, 2014)

The famous protagonist, Don Quixote, renowned Portuguese writers Luís de Camões, Camilo Castelo Branco and poet teixeira de Pascoaes meet in an eternal garden in the middle of a modern city and talk about life in a poetic-form dialogue with the symbolic presence of pessimism and fear of glorious fulfillment, represented in Camões' character - the Old Man of Belém.

LUZ DA MANHÃ / MORNING LIGHT (Cláudia Varejão, Short/Drama, 18 min, 2011)

Paula lives between her daughter's education, which gives her strength to face the days, and an unwanted heritage: taking care of her mother, demented and unpredicatble. It is summer and the warm is suffocating. Paula is not a daughter anymore, but a full-time mother. However, in an unforeseen morning, without any reason besides exhaustion, the fissure cracks open. It explodes.


GIPSOFILA / GYPSOPHILA (Margarida Leitão, Documentary/Biography, 71 min, 2015)

By filming her visits to her grandmother, Margarida Leitão looks at herself through the memories and hesitant words of two people who love each and share the same blood, reflecting each other's projections on one another.