Frames On Women - 2018

The 5th edition of Frames shed light on women. Frames On Women was about the complex problem of the representation of women in film and giving fair visibility to women through Portuguese cinema. This edition featured therefore a selection of films from women and/or about women, placing the female gender on the foreground.

Date: 15 - 24 March 2018

Venues: Stallet and Klarabiografen (Stockholm); Akademi Valand and Musikens Hus (Gothenburg); Bio Elektra (Västeras)

Special Guests: Luísa Sobral, Sabrina D. Marques, Salomé Lamas, Nick Willing




FLEURETTE (Sérgio Tréfaut, Documentary, 80min, 2002)

Do we really know our own family? Do we want to know it? Sérgio tries to understand the troubled past of his mother, Fleurette, 79 years old. Notwithstanding her resistance to his questions, little by little, throughout the film she reveals almost another life where love is closely related to politics. From occupied France and Nazi Germany to the Brazilian dictatorship and the Portuguese revolution.


WHO IS BÁRBARA VIRGÍNIA? / QUEM É BÁRBARA VIRGÍNIA? (Luísa Sequeira, Documentary, 77min, 2017)

A documentary about the first woman to direct a film in Portugal, in the 1940s, who was also the first Portuguese to compete with a film at Cannes, in 1946 – "Três Dias sem Deus", of which 26 silent minutes are left.


COLO (Teresa Villaverde, Fiction, 136min, 2017)

In Portugal, a father, a mother and a daughter's daily lives are being subsumed by the effects of the economic crisis.


THAT’S LOVE / É O AMOR (João Canijo, Fiction, 135min, 2013)

In Caxinas, a fishing neighborhood in Vila do Conde, a city on the north of Portugal, the relationship between the fishermen and their wives is based on vital trust and reciprocal and absolute dependence, in order to assure their families survival. The wife trusts and depends on the fisherman to earn their living, and the fisherman trusts and depends on his wife to govern their living. In this film, we follow a group of women from Caxinas in their daily life and labor, and with their families. With the help of an actress who becomes another woman among Caxina’s women.


AMA SAN (Cláudia Varejão, Documentary, 113min, 2016)

The Ama-San have earned their status as collectors and guardians. What they do, calls into question not only the traditional role of women in oriental society, but also the very nature of femininity itself. This film follows the everyday lives of three women of different ages who, for 30 years, have dived together in the sea around a small fishing village on the Shima peninsular. Shot between the silent, underwater world and rural life on land, this film is a unique portrait of a tradition that is not expected to survive much longer.



A unique insight into the life and work of celebrated painter Paula Rego directed by her son, the film maker Nick Willing.


ENCOUNTERS WITH LANDSCAPE (3X) (Salomé Lamas, Documentary, 26min, 2012)

Three unusual paintings played by the director that literally tests her limits in these landscape encounters in São Miguel, Azores. Power emanating from the filmed landscape is as seductive as the risky shape of the encounter between image and sound. A limit-film for an inventive Portuguese artist.


THE COMMUNITY / A COMUNIDADE (Salomé Lamas, Documentary, 23min, 2012)

A Comunidade (The Community) is a short documentary focused on CCL the oldest camping park in Portugal.


COUP DE GRÂCE (Salomé Lamas, Fiction, 26min, 2017)

Leonor returns from a trip on a day where her dad wasn’t expecting her. In twenty-four hours they will live a crescendoing hallucinated reality, led by Francisco’s unsettling state of apparent normality.