Frames Memory - 2014

The 2nd edition of Frames explored Memory. What does the act of remembering entail? How do we relate to our past in individual and collective ways?

Date: 24 November - 6 December

Venues: Filmhuset, Stockholm; Bio Roy, Gothenburg; Bio Elektra, Västeras

Special Guests: Filipe Raposo, António Jorge Gonçalves, Solveig Nordlund, Susana Sousa Dias, Ana Catarina Pereira




ALICE (Marco Martins, Fiction, 102 min, 2005)

It's been 193 days since Alice was last seen. Every day, her father, Mário, leaves home and follows exactly the same route the day Alice disappeared. In his quest, Mário creates a video surveillance network on the places she might walk, the airport, anything that may provide a clue.

Cannes Film Festival 2005 – Won Director’s Fortnight Best Picture Award and Jeunes Regards Award

E AGORA? LEMBRA-ME / WHAT NOW? REMIND ME (Joaquim Pinto, Documentary, 164 min, 2013)

Joaquim Pinto has been living with HIV and hepatitis C for almost twenty years. E Agora? Lembra-me chronicles a year of clinical studies with toxic, mind-altering drugs that have yet to be approved. A reflection not only on survival beyond all expectations but on love and friendship.

Locarno Film Festival 2013 – Won Special Jury Award and FIPRESCI prize

LINHA VERMELHA / RED LINE (José Filipe Costa, Documentary, 80 min, 2011)

Red Line goes back to the year of 1975, when the German filmmaker Thomas Harlan shoots the documentary film Torre Bela, about the occupation of a large estate in the Ribatejo region, owned by the Dukes of Lafões. Thirty- seven years later, we revisit this emblematic movie, re-encountering its protagonists and its crew.

IndieLisboa 2011 - Won Best Feature Film


TABU (Miguel Gomes, Fiction, 118 min, 2012)

A temperamental old woman, her Cape Verdean maid and a neighbour devoted to social causes live on the same floor of a Lisbon apartment building. When the old lady dies, the other two learn of an episode from her past: a tale of love and crime set in an Africa straight from the world of adventure films.

62nd Berlin Film Festival – Won Alfred Bauer Award and FIPRESCI prize


48 (Susana de Sousa Dias, Documentary, 93 min, 2009)

What can a portrait photograph reveal about a political system? What can a picture taken 35 years ago tell us about our contemporary society? Based on photographs taken on the arrest of political prisoners during the Portuguese dictatorship (1926-1974), 48 aims to convey the mechanisms by which a dictatorial regime seeks to self-perpetuate.

O MEU OUTRO PAÍS/ MITT ANDRA LAND (Solveig Nordlund, Documentary, 55min, 2014)

The personal story of the filmmaker Solveig Nordlund and her vision of Portugal, from the 70’s until nowadays, told through her own and her colleagues’ films, archival material and interviews.

AMANHÃ / TOMORROW (Solveig Nordlund, Fiction, 15 min, 2006)

Nuno, a 9 year old boy, runs away from home in the night of the 24th of April of 1974.

LISBON REVISITED (Solveig Nordlund, Documentary, 55min, 2014)