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Frames Kids is split into two sessions for different age groups: Session 1 (ages 3-6) and Session 2 (ages 7-12). During session 2 we will screen 7 minutes of short animation films made by kids during a workshop held last month. Don’t miss it!

Tickets include both sessions.

Regular ticket 50Kr. Free for children up to age 12.

Session 1 (ages 3-6)


01 - grandmother.png


Roza Kolchagova | Bulgaria | 2017 | 6 MIN | No dialogue

A house, a tree, a grandmother- somewhere far away. A film about the little things, a film about the things that we love. A story so close and authentic that makes us think: what do we lose in our permanently busy daily lives. And what do we sacrifice by moving to the big city, looking for a better life.

02 - big finds a trumpet.jpg

Big Finds a Trumpet

Dan Castro | United Kingdom | 2017 | 5 min | No dialogue

When Big finds an annoying new toy to play with, Tiny isn’t very happy. A love letter to 80s children's TV and 60s design, Big Finds A Trumpet is a simple, colourful story about friendship, music, toys, and a giant with a really tiny face.


BaDaBoo: The Boat Trip

Glenn D'Hondt, Karim Rhellam | Belgium | 2017 | 7 MIN | No dialogue

Bada, Dada and Boo go on an adventure together! Playing together, they use their imagination to find a solution to every problem. BaDaBoo is all about the power of creativity and the fun of thinking outside the box.
Baba, Dada and Boo are three colorful and adorable friends who pack an impressive dose of creative superpowers.

04 - the little bird and the catterpillar.jpg

The Little Bird and the Catterpillar

Lena von Döhren | Switzerland | 2017 | 5 MIN | No dialogue

The little bird has plenty of peace and quiet high up in its tree, at least until an unexpected guest shows up. The brash caterpillar’s keen on devouring the green leaves that the little bird has cared for so tenderly. During the ensuing showdown, the two fail to notice that someone else is hard on their heels, and this character’s craving a more savoury snack.

05 - ema e gui - desenho.jpg

Ema & Gui (episodes)

Nuno Beato | Portugal | 2010 | 10 MIN | Portuguese, no subtitles

Gui, Ema’s imaginary friend, lives in a magic world beyond the clouds. Ema is a dreamer who won’t stop wearing her (seemingly odd, yet) magic boots. Throughout the episodes Ema has to go and help Gui, while he makes her realize that her own world can be as wonderful as the magic world beyond the clouds. They become best friends.

Session 2 (ages 7-12)


Workshop animation films

7 min | no dialogue

In February, Frames held an animation workshop for children where they had the experience of creating their own films. These films will be screened during Frames Kids on the big screen!



Joan Zhonga | Greece, Albania | 2016 | 14 MIN | No dialogue

Survival, clash and symbiosis go side by side; all accompanied by bursts of joy and pain as a result of man's internal need to find and exaggerate differences when similarities are obviously greater.

03 - homegrown.jpg


Quentin Haberham | United Kingdom | 2017 | 9 Min | No dialogue

A father isolates his son from the outside world to protect him from its dangers. But when the son is confronted by the world many years later, the father discovers that he probably went too far with his protective instinct.

That’s Cool

Maria Madelaire Forná | Denmark | 2016 | 1 min | No dialogue

Imagine if a heavy metal rock band makes an advert for saving the rainforest. This is the story of this short film.

04 - a_nau_caxineta.jpg

Nau Caxineta

Vasco Sá, David Doutel | Portugal | 2012 | 4 MIN
Portuguese, no subtitles

Here comes Nau Caxineta, it has been sailing the seas for a year and a day and has many stories to tell. A freely adaptated script by 4th grade students from the novel "A Nau Mentireta" (Luisa Ducla Soares).