This years' films will be split into two age levels to better cater to our audience:

Films for 3-8 year olds

Dodu, the cardboard boy (2010)

José Miguel Ribeiro

A cardboard boy pretend plays inside a cardboard box. Dodu, the cardboard boy, is very sensitive and lives in an unfriendly city. That is why he spends much time at home playing with Carica, his friend ladybug. Each time Dodu scratches the cardboard surface, new worlds with unusual creatures are created and with them Dodu grows up and learns how to deal with emotions.

Length: 5'

As coisas lá de casa (2001-2003)

José Miguel Ribeiro


A series of short funny episodes starring plasticine objects of our daily lives: pencil and eraser, needle and scissors, toothbrush and toothpaste...

Length: multiple episodes of 2'30''

Films for ages 8 and up

Cinegirasol (2016)

Bruno Caetano, Rui Telmo Romão and Nuno Markl


This is a time of multiplex, streaming, DVD and Blu-ray. While travelling from town to town, António Feliciano, the Cinegirasol man, tries to maintain the magic of itinerant cinema alive, as he screens epic adventures and overwhelmingly romantic stories on an ordinary sheet in small towns’ central squares. Among the audience, a shy young man waits for the courage to act like a Hollywood charming protagonist and declare his love to the village’s most beautiful girl. Yet, how will he guarantee a happy ending before his popular rival does?

Length: 5'

#Lingo (2015)

daniel roque


To overcome loneliness and contempt of others, Lingo connects to social networks to get some companionship. Soon he'll realize that online friends, likes and selfies do not bring happiness.
Graduation film developed under the Master in Illustration and Animation at IPCA.

Length: 10'


Journey to Cape Vert (2010)

José Miguel Ribeiro


This is the story of a sixty day-long walk in Cape Vert. No mobile phone, no watch, no plans for what to do next - only the bare essentials in the backpack. Our traveller explores the mountains, the villages, the sea, a talking tortoise, the goats, the music, the dry haze, the people of Cape Vert and an essential part of himself.

Length: 17'