GALOPE / Gallop (2015)

Raquel Felgueiras

This is a galloping history of the moving image.

Length: 1min

ZÉ E O PINGUIM / Zé and the Penguin (2003)

Francisco Lança

Zé is a child who lives tormented by the constant arguments of his parents. His only friend is a soft toy, a penguin that comes alive when they are alone.

Length: 10min

NAVEGAR / Navigate (2013)

Helena Caspurro, Carlos Silva and Pedro Carvalho de Almeida

A set of drawings sketched by the hand of the very author and performer, Helena Caspurro, when she was 5 years old, reveals us, to the sound of a love song, that the reason for existence is a perpetual and translucent movement in the cycle of life.  By love we are born. In love we give birth and recreate our history as poets and creators of life.

Length: 5min


A MINHA CASINHA / My Little House (2014)

Maria Raquel Atalaia

Once upon a time there was a little girl that was always daydreaming and was also very distracted.
One day she decided to leave her moon and she started searching for a small house.

Length: 7min


LÁGRIMAS DE UM PALHAÇO/ Tears of a clown (2012)

cláudio sá

This is the story of an old clown who leads a day-to-day and lonely life. The decisions taken at random allies drove him to an unhappy present.

Length: 6min


UM GATO SEM NOME / A cat without name (2009)

Carlos cruz

This is the story of little Claudia who, the day before her birthday, makes a wish: she wants to be a fly so that she could hear her family conversations and know what presents they are going to give her. For her surprise she realizes she didn’t become a fly but now she can listen to people's thoughts. And she, who only wanted a doll, knows now that all her family is thinking about giving her pets, instead of the so wanted doll, leaving her in panic. That is why this is also the story of the Zoraida Turtle, the Onix Fish and Little Yellow Canary.

Length: 15min


OS GUARDIÕES DAS FLORESTAS / The forests' keepers (2012)

year 7 and year 8 Students from School E/B. 2.3 Bento Carqueja

This film results of an animation workshop with children and a script based on the book by Evandro Morgado, published in the International Year of Forests. This work sensitizes and shows the necessary actions in order to protect forests.

Length: 6min