This year's edition of Frames - Portuguese Film Festival casts the light on women.

Frames On Women is firstly about the complex problem of the representation of women in film and, secondly, about giving fair visibility to women through Portuguese cinema. Considering the vast majority of contemporary cinematic depictions is still linked to the male gaze, we invite you - the filmmaker - to counteract it.

Submissions are closed

Admission criteria

  • The director or producer of the film is Portuguese, or the film was shot in Portugal;
  • At least one of the directors is a woman or the film depicts at least one female protagonist.
  • It has a maximum length of 45 minutes;
  • It has been produced between 2015 and 2017.

Entries were accepted between the 22nd of October and 31st of December 2017. 


Selected films will feature in the Festival and the winning director will be awarded a monetary prize of 500 EUR and invited to be a member of the jury in Frames 2019 (travel and accommodation included).


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